1.    #Deema (Soundtrack)
The soundtrack for #Deema is an original composition, created and recorded by the incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, Moe Kabbara in collaboration with brilliant violonist Jacques Mindreau. Moe also plays the lead character in #Deema, 'Nidal'.
Check out more from Moe and his indie band, Ostrea Lake, his TedX performance, and take a listen from Jacques Mindreau's captivating performance on the VIA Rail, or even their collaboration on the track 'Hotel Existence'. ​​​​​​​
2.    Alia (Soundtrack)
The soundtrack for Alia was fully improvised by virtuoso pianist Andrew Barney. He is a UK-based musician who can manifest emotion from thin air, on the spot. Andrew also composed the music for one scene in Yasmine. His work on Alia helped me edit the explosion scene and give it a stronger sense of self-awareness.
Check out more from Andrew on his rich Soundcloud account.